Mad Dogs and Englishmen!

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Anonymous asked: all I wanted to say was that you don't really look like you're from a english-speaking country I mean like you're doin real bad mistakes (even in grammar) and you talk real strange for someone who's from Australia. Ah, and before I forget it in your first posts you said you was from London, 'YO' ! ;)

Sorry for the apparent improper punctuation on my behalf, I’ll try to pick up my game. I don’t recall saying I am from London, not sure why I would’ve haha… I’m definitely from aus yo


untitled by pau’lin on Flickr.


Tame Impala, October 28 2013

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Tame Impala - 2010- Nick Allbrook

Warpaint @ The Wiltern, LA (10.22.13) © Rozette Diaz


Paris in the Rain | MG Co


Tame Impala @ Teatro Vorterix, Argentina

Anonymous asked: Hey. you said you're from Australia, right ?! where exactly are you from ??

east coast yo

Mariell Øyre

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it ain’t fair, god you swear.

i can’t bare your cameos.